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Software Engineer at Google, Inc. in New York.


At Google, I work with very intelligent and talented people on keeping Google's local search up to date in terms of open and closed businesses.

Previous work experience: Senior Data Scientist and Software Engineer at Sociocast (now Velos).

Graduate years: Completed the Ph.D. Program in Computer Science at the Graduate School and University Center of The City University of New York (CUNY). Dissertation: "Geometric Graph Theory and Wireless Sensor Networks." Taught over a dozen computer science courses at Hunter College and Brooklyn College. Dissertation mentor: János Pach, Chair of Combinatorial Geometry at EPFL.

Undergraduate years: Completed 3+2 dual degree program: B.A. in Mathematics (honors) from Middlebury College, B.S. in Computer Science (intelligent systems track) from Columbia University.

Research Overview

My dissertation work was in the problem-solving-oriented branch of theoretical computer science and overlapped combinatorics, graph theory, discrete / combinatorial / computational geometry, discrete algorithms, and approximation algorithms. It was motivated by fundamental questions in the design and analysis of sensor networks and cellular networks. At Sociocast my interest in natural language processing was rekindled. I had fun wearing the hat of an empiricist, tackling problems of a different flavor and using a wider array of tools.

Prior Graduate Research Experience at CUNY

For one academic year, I was involved in fundamentals research on the topic of arrangements in sensor networks with Professor Ted Brown and Professor Amotz Bar-Noy.

Prior to that, I was the graduate research assistant on a project co-advised by Distinguished Professor Gabor T. Herman and Professor T. Yung Kong. The project's aim was to develop efficient ways to obtain topological and geometric descriptors of 3D reconstructions obtained from transmission electron microscopy projections.

As a member of the Discrete Imaging and Graphics group, I have also had the pleasure of maintaining the (C++/Qt based) Snark Input and Display Utilities for 2.5 years.


Co-authors of every work with the noun "graph" in the title are in alphabetical order as per community tradition.

Peer-reviewed works


Publications contributed to as an undergraduate

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